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Escaping the crowds can be easier than you think, especially now. The Greek islands have been empty in comparison to previous years and even within the middle of August, you thought you were travelling out of season.

Sailing itself allows you to keep your distances from the crowd. Being on a sailing yacht, with your family and loved ones or a couple of like minded travellers who share the same interests is all you need to have an amazing holiday, whilst staying safe.

Sailing holiday GreeceYou don’t have to go to overcrowded marinas but spend the night at remote bays or small fishing ports.

You can pick your private bays, swim, dive or snorkel where no one else does, have a lovely dinners at family-run, local taverns and enjoy a different place/island every day.

Sailing has always been like this, and in a Post Covid-19 world, for many, it’s certainly a safer option as it offers more opportunities for social distancing.

We’ve a couple of last minute offers for those eager to travel during these times that will get you off the well trodden tourist track and allow you to embark on a unique adventure...

Sail for a week around the islands of the Cyclades and dive at the most unique spots!

Discover the unique wealth that hides in the magical depths of the East Med… while sailing from one diving site to the other…

Check this lovely video from one of our dives by our client Arnaud during the sailing & diving trip that he joined with his family on the 15th of August...

"Thank you for this diving cruise in the Small Cyclades! It was the first for our family to sleep on a sailboat sailing ... a beautiful discovery and good memories to bring back home. As for the dives, they were magnificent! Thank you to Annie & Sotiris for these unforgettable holidays!"
Yamina, Arnaud, Antoine & Ariane, 15-22 August

You can read more about the itinerary that we will follow here...

our sailing & diving holiday on the following dates around the islands of the Small Cyclades:

Saturday 5 - Saturday 12 September
Sunday 27 September - Sunday 4 October

Benefit from our unique offer: 100 EUR off

Sail for a week around the Cyclades islands and discover their unique nature & culture by walking their ancient paths!

If you enjoy trekking holidays then one of our sailing and walking adventures might be the next thing to try. If you have never sailed then don't worry as full training is given so you can participate in the sailing.

Some of the day walks we enjoy in Paros, Naxos, Iraklia or Amorgos are as spectacular and exceptional as anything you would find in a worldwide trekking brochure. If you don't believe us then just look at the photos. The majority of our big walks are led by a member of the crew or a specialist wildlife guide...

You can read more about the itinerary that we will follow here...

our sailing & walking holiday on the following dates around the islands of the Small Cyclades:

Sunday 20 September - Sunday 27 September

Benefit from our unique offer: 100 EUR off

If you wish to discuss the above or any other matter please don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.... we are hear to help and advice you!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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