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Sailing & Diving Tale, 20/05/2023

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"This was all I had hoped for: an authentic and immersive Greek sailing/diving/hiking cruise to the smaller Aegean islands. May was a good month to visit, as the seas were friendly, the temperatures pleasant, and the islands uncrowded. I highly recommend this cruise to those adventurers already familiar with smaller vessels…” Mark, USA



 Sailing & Walking Tale, 27/05/2023

Maria Germany"I had a great time with the Captain and Yipsum. We were also a very nice group. Sotiris worked hard to please us and I can say that my heart was filled with beautiful experiences. Yipsum has great empathy and understood exactly what we needed. We stay in touch with the rest of the group. Thank you too for all the information. Kisses.” Maria, Germany 
"Sonia and I really enjoyed ourselves, especially the people that we met on the boat, both crew and other passengers. We made good friends, almost family by the end of the week...

The most memorable part of the week for me was having a family dinner every night in a local taverna, far from tourists. We would not have been able to do that on our own, and it brought the group closer. I am grateful that Sotiris knew where to go for dinner, and knew the owners, so that we were treated so well.

Jim 27 MayI loved the sailing, and I really enjoyed spending time touring around Amorgos with a car. Generally, being on Greek Islands, away from tourists, is a big highlight for me... Overall I would rate the holiday as exactly what to expect on a 45 foot 
sailboat among beautiful islands, with fun people on board - an "A" or 5 stars, however you want to hear it. Thanks, Annie for this week of adventure. We will not forget it...” Jim, USA

"I would agree with Jim on all points! It was definitely an adventure! I really enjoyed learning about Greek customs from Sotiris - I've got the body language down pat!.. Being on the boat was a wonderful way to see the islands!” Sonia, USA

Sailing Tale,

"Sotiris is such an experienced skipper we all felt relaxed and safe in his capable hands. His familiarity with sailing, The Oysan sailing yacht and his local knowledge of the islands we visited enriched our Cyclades sailing holiday, making it one of the best family holidays we’ve ever had. He was discreet when we wanted family time together but was on call if needed.

The islands we visited were all unique, stunningly beautiful, and typically Greek in their ways; there wasn’t one I would have wanted to miss. We all loved The Oysan, she was so beautifully and functionally designed; it was such a pleasure to sail on her. She was always the most magnificent yacht in all the harbours we sailed into. The great news was that I’m usually prone to motion sickness, but The Oysan was so smooth through the waves, I was fine." Debbie & Calum, UK

Sailing & Diving Tale, 1/07/2023

"The sailing at 6 beaufort wind was fabulous. A very competent skipper. We sampled local dishes in small family owned restaurants. We visited remote areas and minimised our footprint by sailing and recycling. 5* holiday." Susannah, Germany


Sailing & Walking Tale, 8/07/2023

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We just had a week we will never forget on the boat! Celebrated my father in law's 70th birthday, saw some amazing islands, and made great new friends. Thank you so much!" Jeremiah, USA

"Saw Greece in a different way. Wonderful sailing weather. Great company. Thank you Sotiris and Annie for making my birthday so special!" Steve, USA
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"The most memorable of our holiday was being in small towns away from overcrowded, touristy spots. Being with people (guides) native to the area that are very knowledgeable… Wonderful holiday.” Michelle, USA 

Sailing Tale, 16/7/2023

“I particularly enjoyed sailing every day, initially in very strong winds, later without much wind. Also the local island culture. Really loved seeing small islands off the beaten track. Excellent guide/skipper who was knowledgeable and a skilled sailor.” Emma & family, UK

Sailing Tale, 29/07/2023

"The most memorable part of our holiday was the amazing places we visited… the sailing… having the sea just a splash away… being together as a family and getting memorable moments. It was incredible to find out that Sam and our skipper had played together as kids in Argentina… Sotiris lived next door to Sam’s cousins and Sotiris and Sam’s cousins were neighbourhood friends at that time. What are the odds?” Laura & Samuel, Argentina


Sailing & Diving Tale, 2/09/2023

IMG 6808"For me the holiday was expansive, expanding and beautiful. I really can’t say enough good things about it in all its aspects. I thought you and Sotris both did a fantastic job of helping to create our little community on the boat, making sure everyone felt paid attention to and part of the experience. 

I loved life on the boat, sleeping on the boat. You have planned it all out very well, including the improvisational parts that couldn’t be planned! It was clear to me how hard both you and Sotris were working to make the experience pretty seamless for your passengers. I loved that the boat was old (and beautiful) and tenderly cared for, in comparison to the brand new catamarans, etc. The experience of the food, and the places Sotris guided us to, were just amazing. I took pleasure in watching you three divers. It’s a world I’ve never been exposed to and I loved when you came up each trip and talked excitedly about what you’d seen. I loved the fact that I had the opportunity to snorkel for the first time in my life (awkwardly, but still…). I was so glad to have the swims off the boat, and at the beaches. It was an experience that will be deep in my soul." Maurya, USA

IMG 6431"I really enjoyed seeing different islands and having the chance to wake up there, explore on my own, have coffee and see the island life a little bit. For me, the sailing was a really special part of it. I think because Soltiris was injured I got to do a little more than I would have if he wasn't, but I definitely would have participated more if I'd been asked. I appreciated that the group was pretty social and hung out together. I was worried about coming and not getting along with the other people but it was nice that we could all hang out together in the evenings and have a good time. Overall, I had a great time! Thank you so much for being great hosts!” Kelsey, USA

“Thank you again for an awesome experience! Will stay in touch.” Elizabeth, Australia


Sailing Tale, 9/09/2023

sailing walking 3"That was the trip of a lifetime, I am SO glad I chose you guys! I had a wonderful time. I think my favorite day was when we went to the secluded beach on Naxos, swam into a cave, hiked up a mountain (or at least I did!), and Sotiris and Yipsum grilled dinner for us, then we swam in the darkness and saw the bioluminescent plankton. It was just a magical day from start to finish. Every night we were at port though, we went out to dinner as a group which was great because Sotiris and Yipsum knew exactly what was best on the menu, and ordered many dishes for us all to share. Not once did they ever steer us wrong!" Allie, USA

Sailing & Diving Tale, 30/09/2022

"The most exciting part of the holiday was the diving! They brought us to many beautiful spots. The guides brought us to remote islands sailing and made us discover so much of the local cuisine from local restaurants. A very educative and definitely very romantic adventure sailing the Greek islands!" Manuel, Belgium

Sailing & Walking Tale, 15/10/2023

IMG 6376"Dear Anne & Sotiris, we 3 ladies, of a certain age, really appreciated all the work you did to keep us safe and happy. We loved the islands, the sailing, the dinners but most of all your company.” Nancy, USA

“Dear Annie & Sotiris, I feel the same appreciation Nancy stated as well above. Yes, yes, yes to each point. Thank you for your guidance, your tips on what would work well, for helping us learn more about the islands and the island businesses and biology that we would never have known ourselves. Thanks for introducing remarkable taverna owner-families and their stories, dried mackerel, wild greens, fava and fish roe… your presence was our guide and our safety net, too. The combination reduces my need to take care of many traveller worries and created room for rest and recovery. And you renewed my love of sailing - perhaps there are good winds in my future as a gift of this wonderful voyage. 

And, as Nancy concluded, thanks for sharing your lives and experiences with us. I wish each of you continued creative, entrepreneurial adventures as you bring connections, better ways, constructive options to life and children, and to the islands.” Anne, USA

"Dear Annie & Sotiris, what a wonderful experience we had; something to remember long after today. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and keeping us alive! All the best in your future endeavours.” Linda, USA

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Sailing & Walking Tale, 28/05/2022

28 may"Lorcan and I had the holiday of a lifetime! All the best." Janet and Lorcan, UK

"Anchoring in a small bay, snorkelling in a cave and beach barbecuing were the most memorable moments. The crew go out of their way to make everything work for you… It was my third time and it was great to be back." Anne-Marie, UK


 Sailing & Diving Tale, 4/06/2022

june a"Merci pour cette magnifique croisière accompagnée de virées plongées. Une bonne équipe à bord qui a su nous carie partager leurs passions. Nous avons pu découvrir de très beaux paysages, des endroits paradisiaques. Nous retiendrons que l’hospitalité grecque est juste exceptionnelle. Merci à vous pour ce magnifique voyage, nous avons passé d’excellentes vacances. Merci pour ces soirees enflammées sur la danse floor. Et encore merci pour le storage de notre bige valise. Merci Annie, Merci Sotiris" Kathy et Carole, France
“Thanks a lot for this beautiful week, full of sail, dives, colourful fishes and discoveries! We will remember these holidays for a long time, especially the dancing nights! We definitely want to come back. Thank you to the best skipper Sotiris and to the best guide Annie!” Elivre and Nicolas, France

Sailing Tale, Ionian Islands
, 17/07/2022

"Our experience with our yacht and Ionian sailing was absolutely fantastic and we all agreed one of our best holidays ever. Thank you so much for helping us coordinate it. The yacht was great, very well stocked and maintained. It was comfortable and was great for the six of us plus our skipper.
Our skipper Vasillis was the best! He was fun, knowledgeable, pleasant and capable. On my flight over I had read a book on places to go, but when we got there I decided to just let him advise us. At the end of the trip I looked back into my guidebook and he had actually taken us to several of the placed I had marked as good ones. He said he wants us to come back and take us north next time!
The weather was perfect, hot but not too hot. The water was the most beautiful, crystal clear and the perfect temperature to be comfortable and refreshing... The best parts were the skipper, the water and the beautiful scenery.

We had a wonderful time and we highly recommend this trip. We do hope to be able to go back and do it, or something similar again one day. Thank you for all your help and patience, this trip certainly took a long time to plan because of the pandemic but was so worth waiting for!" Carol, William, Frederic, Constance, UK 

Sailing & Diving Tale, 11/06/2022

Υπέροχη εμπειρία, αξέχαστο ταξίδι! Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ!” Γιωτα, Ελλάδα
"Hard to single out a specific moment. The entire experience has been like a dream-traveling to remote Greek villages and islands on a sail boat. I especially appreciate the opportunity to bond with the staff. The experience feels very much like traveling with ponclose friends rather than a commercial experience. We were very environmentally conscious when it comes to our foot prints, resource consumption, and trash. We also supported local vendors and small restaurants in remote places that I would never have found if I were to travel on my own. What a fantastic and unique experience. I'll be back!" Pon, USA


Sailing & Diving Tale, 9/07/2022

Très beau voyage, on part par la tête remplie de souvenirs! La navigation et la plongée c‘est vraiment une chouette expérience et on a passé très beaux moments avec vous deux. Un grand merci” Victoria, Belgium

belgium family"On a passé une super semaine avec vous 2! On ne s'attendaits pas à autant de vent, mais on s'en souviendra, rien que pour l'expérience, ça vaut la peine! Merci pour tout, vous êtes géniaux." Thomas, Belgium

"Une expérience de voilier mémorable! Des skippers très accueillants, des paysages à couper le souffle…" Muriel, Belgium

"Merci pour cette super-semaine avec notre famille, découverte de la voile pour tous, de la plongée pour les enfants. Merci Annie de ta patience et de ton expérience pour le passage des oreilles! 

Merci Sotiris pour la navigation, la grande expérience par des vents incroyables pour nos novices! C’était une semaine magnifique!!! Merci pour votre sympathie et aussi Sotiris, j’allais oublier, tes chants enflammés à Amorgos!” Jean Francois, Belgium

"Merci pour cette belle semaine, c’était magnifique. Tout le paysage que les traversées et surtout la plongée!" Bastien, Belgium

"Un a passe une super semaine en notre compagne et j’ai vraiment adoré de naviguer sur la mer peu importe la météo! Je vous souhaite le meilleur à tous les deux.” Wintgens Logan, Belgium

Sailing & Diving Tale, 16/7/2022

I wanted to write to thank you and Sotiris for a wonderful week sailing in the Cyclades. As our youngest said - he was “living the life”. We all totally loved it and really appreciated the attention Sotiris paid to our safety and maximising our enjoyment of the trip. We really appreciated his menu and restaurant advice and appreciated his helping us access lovely beaches and great swimming. The highlight was definitely the night time plankton and we all appreciated his flexibility and sensitivity to how we were all feeling. We really benefited from his deep experience and his easy company. Huge thanks again!" Andrea and Stuart, UK

Sailing & Walking Tale, 23/07/2022

australians"Finished up our holiday with time in Greece including a week onboard the yacht “Tahita” on a sailing & walking tour of the Small Cyclades Islands. Beautiful weather and great sailing with our skipper Sotiris and his first mate Annie. We visited many small islands and walked in the afternoons with Annie who has great local knowledge. This usually ended up in a local taverna with delicious local cuisine, lots of wine and singing, so much fun!! Angels, William, Patrick, Deborah and Lara, Australia!


23 july“Tahita sailing for our family around the Cyclades was a memorable experience. Sotiris and Annie were fantastic and gave us a truly full on sailing time. The afternoon walks with Annie topped off our days on the water perfectly. I personally would love to do another adventure on Tahita and will be recommending you to my friends back in Australia. Thanks for the great time!” Pat, Australia 


Sailing Tale, 31/07/2022

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Sotiris for a great week on the boat. The most memorable part of the holiday for me was sailing between the islands - enjoying the space and time to relax and just enjoy the ride. For my teenage children they enjoyed visiting the different islands and eating lots of lovely food. We all enjoyed swimming and snorkelling in the clear blue water. It was a great holiday and a new experience for my teenage children.

Safety was paramount and the skipper was careful to ensure that the route pursued was tailored to those on the boat. The islands we visited were all different and the tavernas were all great - good to have recommendations. If you enjoy boat life it's an incredibly relaxing week and one I would recommend doing.” Jenny, Bella & Edgar, UK


Sailing Tale, 13/08/2022

"Thank you both so much for a fantastic holiday experience. We’ve all chosen different islands as our favourites so it shows the variety of beautiful places you’ve taken us to! We wish you both luck and success for the future and perhaps we’ll see you again!” David, Marie, Hannah and Lara, UK

Sailing & Diving Tale, 27/08/2022

"Hi Annie, Thank you so much for your contribution to what has been a fantastic 2 week holiday. We had so many mini adventures along the way and yours was definitely one of the highlights. We truly feel refreshed, recharged and richer. Warm regards.” Nicky & Nick, UK

“A beautiful trip! We stopped off at some stunning locations. Every morning started with a gorgeous swim off the boat and every evening without fail ended in a night at a wonderful breathtaking stop - every evening meal was exceptional. Annie was an amazing dive master coaching us all into the inner world with such grace and reassurance. We are richer for it all. Thank you so much! xx" Otto and Leala, UK

Sailing & Diving Tale, 4/09/2022

4 sept


"Σαν πας στον πηγαιμό για τις Μικρές Κυκλάδες, να εύχεσαι να είναι μακρύς ο δρόμος!... Ονειρικά απολαυστική εμπειρία, χτισμένη με πανέμορφες εικόνες και υπέροχους ανθρώπους!.. Ευχαριστούμε πολύ, ανυπομονούμε για το επόμενο ταξίδι μαζί σας!!" Έλσα και Ποθητάκης, Ελλάδα


Sailing & Walking Tale, 11/09/2022

sept"WE SO LOVED THE SAILING TRIP!!!!! I have sailed before and Sotiris is an excellent skipper, keeping the safety of the passengers and boat a priority. And he shared his knowledge of the islands and history and food which made the trip memorable. in addition, we loved his sense of humor, his love for life and spirit. Daphne is also an excellent guide, sailor and she led us on wonderful walks sharing history and culture of each place that we visited. We so enjoyed the tavernas selected on each island and sharing of meals and culture. The hike to the monastery and St. John's cave were special. She has a wonderful kind and patient spirit.

Both of their personalities and leadership are extraordinary and perfect for this adventure. We truly felt we got a sense of the people, the islands and country in a very unique way. We enjoyed getting to know them each a bit. We enjoyed the islands that we traveled to so much and there was ample time to relax at the beach, shop and walk.

Every step of the way of planning the trip, communication with you, payment and the trip itself have been handled so well with friendliness and professionalism. You made the trip easy to plan and I so appreciate that and will recommend you to everyone and hopefully return for another trip! We miss Greece already (it was hard to leave). Warmly" Sharon, USA

“I really enjoyed the adventure with our fun loving experienced team: Sotiris as our Skipper and Dafni as our guide. I always felt if there was anything I needed, they would go above and beyond. I felt very safe. They had friends in every port and are beloved by the locals. Great value and a wonderful trip. I highly recommend this sailing adventure in Greece. Wonderfully kind local people and the food was fantastic!” Laurie, USA

“Sotiris and Daphne, thank you so much for this incredible adventure and a slice of Greece that we would never have experienced without your guidance! We enjoyed the tavernas, the hikes, the stories, the history, and so much the captain’s festival. Your leadership and patience and friendship are so appreciated! We will miss you both and your country and hope that our paths cross again! Fondly!" Agnes, USA


Sailing & Walking Tale, 24/09/2022

24 sept"Sotiris and Arianna, Thank you for an adventure! The Greek islands are one of a kind - we thoroughly enjoyed the sailing, hiking - an amazing adventure. A dentist, a politician, a sailor and a Greek walk into a bar… Love” Alison and Ian, USA

“Arianna and Sotiris, thank you for everything. A fantastic week never forgotten.” Brian, Ireland 

Sailing & Walking Tale, 8/10/2022 

"Visiting beautiful authentic Greek islands with very low levels of tourism was the most memorable part of the holiday. Pack light (you really don't need much) and be open to just go with the flow. The Captain's knowledge ensures you explore the best places, visit amazing restaurants and enjoy unbelievable local food. Absolutely fantastic, an amazing way of seeing and experiencing real Greece.” Julie, David, Pauline, Steven, Karen, UK

Sailing Tale, 22/10/2022

22 oct"What an amazing trip. Beautiful places, amazing people and El Capitan fantastic. Definitely a bucket list experience.” Rory and Victoria, South Africa

“Amazing experience with an amazing skipper!! No crumb was left in the quest for adventure.” Wayne and Catherine, South Africa



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Sailing & Diving Tale, 26/06/2021

b01fcf47 0c91 4c6a 9367 8d20911ba937"Thank you Sotiris and Annie! We had such an amazing time on our sailing and diving adventure in the Small Cyclades. The dives were fantastic and we truly enjoyed exploring all of the island communities during our week on Tahita. We always felt safe and comfortable while under way and while diving.

We especially liked the approach Mystic Blue employs with the guests. The sails were the perfect length, just long enough to enjoy the time at sea, but still allowing plenty of time to explore, dine, shop, and enjoy the local culture. Each island was special in its own way, and having two wonderful guides certainly facilitated that. We made memories that we will treasure for a lifetime. Thanks for making our honeymoon & first trip to Greece such a unique and incredible experience! Hope to see you both again soon.» Brandon and Janie, USA


 Sailing & Diving Tale, 10/07/2021

0db36ae5 04c8 45a3 8056 b734a73c0710"A week ago today from almost this exact spot, we started on our week long sail in the Small Cyclades. Besides the sailing and the diving which were the original “plan”, we experienced top-notch guided tours of Iraklia, Ano and Kato Koufonisia, Antikeri, Schoinoussa and tips about the BEST places to eat and see.
In between we visited beautiful diving sites and each level of diving experience was professionally catered to. We, of course, were a great crew but HUGE THANKS to Annie and Sotiris for helping to make this a vacation and adventure to remember!!! Xoxoxo” Catherine, Switzerland
7f41e848 a69a 48f2 9ee7 4fd2787d6662"Thank you for sharing your experience in sailing and diving, your knowledge of small, authentic places in the Cyclades, your love of good Greek food, stories about the places and traditions, the flora and animals, considering each person onboard. We will certainly love to come back and share with friends who want to visit the region!!! Thank you also for the poetic moments… Bon vent et Bonne navigation.” Florence, France


Sailing & Walking Tale, 17/07/2021

IMG 2679"A huge, huge “thank you” to Annie and Sotiris for the marvellous moments they offer. Kindness, attention, awareness for safety, enthusiasm, humour, all of this at our service!!! And… so many beauties shared in and around the “multi” blue sea. The Cyclades will forever stay in our minds as a place of grace, mixing nature and human beauties.” Daniel and Catherine, Belgium and France 

Sailing & Diving Tale
, 24/07/2021

IMG 2705"Thank you a million! I appreciate everything about this trip and it will stay in my mind forever. I hope one day to rejoin as the beauty and vibes were impeccable. Until later or the next life.” Benjamin, USA
“I loved the Cyclades; sand and rock and sea and sky. Wonderful food, beautiful sailing and lovely dives. Thank you for shepherding through our time among the islands, you were fantastic guides. I’ll never forget the sight of the Cyclades surrounding me at the top of Iraklia. The history combined with the environment made for an amazing experience. Thank you!” Nick, USA

Sailing Tale, 31/07/2021

DSC08975 edited 2“We loved Kato Koufonisi. We explored the 5000 years old acropolis which was hidden from the sight of tourists and general public, as well as finding an abandoned beach and the best cheap food, “souvlaki”! Thanks to the help of Sotiris & Annie, we had such an incredible trip - a new island everyday keeps up the thrill for sure! Thank you both again xx.” Maya and Savva, UK & Russia

"Enjoyed the one week sailing trip visiting wonderful places. Maybe the beaches were a little too hot for me (haha). Very peaceful and meditative experience for me. Thanks so much for sharing your boat with me!” Michael, Belgium

Sailing & Diving Tale, 14/8/2021

“Thank you so much Sotiris & Mike for a fantastic discovery trip across the lesser Cyclades. Awesome sailing, fantastic diving, great company and amazing beaches and scenery: what a week! Amorgos was a definite highlight! Thanks again.” Guillaume, France
"Thank you very much for this trip Sotiris & Mike!!" Louise (Jack Sparrow), France
"Thanks to you, we have discovered what great things this word has to offer, in the forms of great landscapes and amazing people. I cannot forget this trip.” Jules, France


Sailing, diving & walking Tale, 27/08/2021

DSC02272"We have had an incredible trip around the islands with three fantastic dives. A huge thank you to Annie and Sotiris for guiding us around each of the islands. We have enjoyed each experience and would love to come again!” Georgie, UK

"Definitely our best family holiday to date with fantastic experiences like scuba diving and night swimming with bio-luminescence plankton! There was also great food and walks around all the islands. Thank you so much Annie and Sotiris.” Jemima, UK

"It’s been an absolutely fantastic holiday with amazing food and walks! We have had the chance to try new things like scuba diving which I have loved and am sure I’ll never forget. Thank you for such an amazing holiday!” Annie, UK

"One of the best holidays we have ever had - Annie and Sotiris the skipper of the boat were great hosts, the sailing, walking and diving were all incredible, and the hospitality of the island people we met was wonderful. We were excited to go on this holiday - but it exceeded all of our expectations.” Jamie, UK 


Sailing & diving Tale, 04/09/2021

IMG 2983"If you are looking for the perfect island hopping trip around Greece, then look no further! Imagine perfect honeymoon sailing on what feels like an exclusive boat ride, the freshest local food and wine that is great value for money (I personally gained about three kilos), exploring underwater caverns that are brimming with unique Mediterranean wildlife, feasting your eyes on different landscapes and shades of blue every day, racing off into the sunset with horizons all around, and admiring starry skies whilst swimming amongst shining sea plankton (and much, much more). Annie and Sotiris are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and hospitable and both of them clearly went out of their way to ensure that everyone had a great time. Before joining the trip, I was worried that I would not have a good time as a solo traveller, but I could not have been more wrong. To say it was like living in a dream is not enough - you have to experience it for yourself!" Yipsum, UK

Sailing & Walking Tale, 11/09/2021

"A lovely barbecue around a raging beach fire on a deserted island under a dark sky full of stars and surrounded by friends was the perfect summation of this magical holiday. They say “leave only footprints” but I am afraid I leave my heart." Ken, UK

2ccc695a eea7 4028 a23d 5a0cc529c17a"A two week holiday that will stay with me forever. The best company, much laughing - too much eating. Have seen amazing scenery and places that we never would have seen without Sotiris, Annie & Daphne. I am so sorry to say goodbye." Julie, UK

"This was such a lovely break for the sedentary north European: active but leisurely, outdoors and so well planned and flexible around the weather, winds, rigid postmasters and us! 24/7 we were cared for by Sotiris & Daphne watching around the clock. Thanks for everything!!” Marjolein, Netherlands 

Sailing & Walking Tale, 18/09/2021

“The lure of exotic islands, birthplace of Zeus, Apollo & Artemis! Islands deserted but inhabited (by only goats and cats…). A fabulous introduction to the western cyclades but even more importantly to friends to treasure for a lifetime. Loved getting to know life on the Tahita and Sotiris and especially Daphne made us feel like family. 

As in many of our hobbies, the islands, boat and local adventures are the pull to get you to Greece, but the people and common experiences will provide stories for life.” Larry, USA

“We looked forward to this adventure for two years. You provided an experience that was worth the wait.” Mary, USA

Sailing & Diving Tale, 03/10/2021

IMG 3053"Thanks to Annie & Sotiris for a fantastic adventure and immersion experience in the beauty of the Cyclades. Unforgettable alone time, too, in coves, bays, free diving and bodysurfing! Loved the caverns. Annie - become a free diver (certified) so I have a buddy next time (officially!). Wonderful!" Swapna, India

“From living rocks to katabatic wind systems, this trip was a wonderful learning experience and a delight. I wish you both continued success and hope to join you again. Thanking you both ever so much for taking good care of us. Looking forward to reading about the 'Trashformers'.” Nithin, UK

IMG 3058 

“So great to adventure with Mystic Blue. 1 week felt like 1 month and was a huge escape from life. Thank you for guiding us so carefully through the islands and showing us island life at each stop. I see Greece totally different now and leave a little in love - will be back for more and tell all my friends. Thank you so much." Lucy, UK

Sailing & Walking Tale, 10/10/2021

"We have had such a lovely week, full of adventure and new experiences & incredible food which as you know we love. Thank you for everything & hopefully see you again!” Samira & Saunders, UK and Lebanon.

Sailing & Walking Tale, 17/10/2021

IMG 3252"We enjoyed the diversity of the islands. They were all extraordinarily beautiful but each one had a distinctive quality. We truly appreciated the hikes we took to gain perspective from each island - whether it was to a vista point, a long trek, a stroll around the perimeter of the island - all very special. I think that both Annie and Captain Sotiris engaged in lively conversations with us - on the boat, over dinner and on the trails. I really appreciated learning from them and our conversations." David, USA

Your views & comments in 2020

Sailing Tale, 1/11/2020

1 nov


 "I think we died and then we woke up in heaven. And this is heaven... sailing! We loved our journey, it was amazing. We can’t be more happy and thankful!” Csenge, Hungary & Julian, Argentina 



 Sailing Tale, 4/10/2020

4 oct"Exhilarating sailing across turquoise and sky blue seas, feeling the boat at one with the elements. It was an absolute pleasure to spend the week with our skipper and scholar Sotiris, whose knowledge of the Aegean, its islands, history, culture, and great restaurants would be hard to beat. We loved visiting the ports of Naxos, Paros and Syros, and jumping off at the tiny harbours of Iraklia and Schinoussa. Putting down anchor and swimming in the middle of the sea, all alone but for the birds and the fish is one of the great experiences to be had in this life.
Highly recommended for people who enjoy each other's company. You will spend a lot of time together in the cockpit and cabin, so go with a good attitude to sharing and caring, and you will be fine. Also remember that Sotiris needs to know what you want to do so he can tailor the holiday to suit you, as well as the requirements of the winds and the currents. Be flexible and enjoy the adventure!

We had a wonderful time and would do it again in a heartbeat. A perfect combination of seascapes and landscapes, sun and wind, exercise and relaxation, exploration and education - and for us a much-needed break with our dear family.” Deborah & family, UK

Sailing & Diving Tale, 27/09/2020

27 sept"Dear Annie & Sotiris, thank you so much for this amazing experience! This was a perfect escape to refill the batteries. Love the authentic (Greek) approach, hope to see you again some place, sometime (always welcome in BE).” Yana & Yelle, Belgium 


“Thank you very much for a fabulous stay! It was a lot of fun and laughter and a perfect holiday! Wishing you all the best.” Les, Germany

27 september


“Dear Annie & Sotiris, thank you very much for the awesome sailing week. My first time in Greece was unforgettable. Wishing you all success!” Yazmin, Mexico

Sailing & Diving Tale, 05/9/2020

5 Septem
"We spent a most wonderful week on the beautiful Tahita with Sotiris & Annie, sailing & diving. The introduction into Greek food and culture as well as sailing and marine ecology was informative, entertaining and delicious! Our hosts were super-funny and we enjoyed ourselves hugely! Thank you so very much for the great time, the helpful tips and the sharing of your knowledge! We hopefully will meet again!" Claudia, James & Anja, Germany


Sailing Tale, 23/08/2020

23 aug"We had the most memorable holiday thanks to Annie, Sotiris, and their beautiful vessel, Tahita. Our trip sailing around the Small Cyclades was truly something dreams are made of. We swam in the most splendid crystal blue waters - dolphins even frolicked alongside Tahita on our first day aboard! Each island had its own magic and beauty and I’m grateful we did get to visit them with Annie leading the way… and of course knowing the best tavernas and hidden gems we wouldn’t have discovered on our own. 

This was a family holiday with our two-year-old toddler and our hosts tailored the trip to be extra accommodating for a toddler’s schedule, making it a very smooth and child-friendly journey. We all felt very comfortable and secure aboard Tahita as we knew we were in such professional and knowledgeable hands.

Forever grateful for this memory that will last a lifetime. We are still dreaming of this beautiful summer. Thank you, Annie and Sotiris!!" Vikki & Justin, Germany

Sailing & Diving Tale, 15/8/2020

"Thank you for this cruise diving into the little Cyclades, it was a first for our family to sleep on a sailboat, sail a ʾ la sail... a nice discovery and good memories to bring home. As for dives, they were beautiful! Thanks to Annie & Sotiris for an unforgettable vacation!" Yamina, Arnaud, Antoine & Ariane, France
15 aug
"Friendly and hospitable mood from skipper Sotiris and Annie. Pleasant experience that left us 100% satisfied. Their knowledge of the islands and the hidden parts of the Aegean excited us even more. We will definitely do it again!"
Irini and George, Greece


Sailing Tale, 1/08/2020

IMG 0537


"It was our first time sailing and we loved it! The sailing was amazing, Tahita was comfortable, the company was excellent. We'll be back next year!" Lia, Simon & Chloe, Greece



Sailing Tale, 18/7/2020

image.jpeg"Ευχαριστούμε πολύ για αυτή την υπέροχη εμπειρία, δε θα την ξεχάσουμε ποτέ! Κάθε μέρα ήταν διαφορετική και γεμάτη εκπλήξεις. Φεύγουμε με το μυαλό μας γεμάτο από ωραίες στιγμές, και τη καρδιά μας γεμάτη αγάπη αφού από την πρώτη στιγμή μας αγκαλιάσατε και μας κάνατε να νιώσουμε φανταστικά!” Afrodite, Greece

"Hταν όλα υπέρχοχα! Μακάρι να είχαμε λίγο χρόνο ακόμα! Eλπίζω να τα ξαναπούμε σύντομα!" Celia, Greece 

Sailing & Diving Tale, 04/07/2020

4 July


"Thank you for an amazing week! We loved all the dives and the hike. We're excited to see exotic Greece & the Cyclades survival show on TV!" The Kloski family, USA

Your views & comments in 2019

Sailing & Diving Tale, 14/09/2019

ken 14 sept"Whilst my holiday was pretty fraught either end by weather, strikes and delays, my time with Sotiris and Petros were fantastic and could not be improved in any way. Both great guys. Thanks for a fun time. See you next year!" Ken, UK


Sailing Tale, 24/08/2019

24 aug"Thank you so much for this amazing experience we have lived together. It's been magical moments that we'll always carry in our hearts. Thank you very much..." Oihane & Rafa, Spain
"Soto we are very grateful for this experience, which without you, could not have been the same Your stories and knowledge of this earth has brought us a lot of memories that will surely make us grow as people. A strong hug." Dorleta & David, Spain

Sailing & Diving Tale, 10/08/2019

aug french family"The sailing trip was exceptional with a crew of 2 very professional and experienced: Sotiris the captain and Elina Samara our scuba diving instructor. It was an adventure with changes from the original plan because of the strong wind and our family's desire to avoid big waves. We did some fantastic dives in exceptional sites that Sotiris and Elina knew well as she is a certified marine biologist. 

Sotiris always managed to arrange any issue and we felt safe all the times. We will remember this sailing trip in clear water, great dives and stared nights. It was a family trip with 2 grown up teenagers and on the boat it was like we were all family with the rest of the crew. 

A human adventure with learning ecological behaviour by not wasting water and saving energy. We are willing to do it again one day." Aurélie, Francis, Morgane and Matheo, France

Sailing Tale, 03/8/2019

lilj 4 aug
"The trip was wonderful and Elina was such a great instructor. I could not have asked for more." Lilja, Iceland

Sailing & Diving Tale, 21/07/2019

67956853 10158892911934196 5676031566380269568 o"This trip has been lovely beyond what I can describe here. You, Sotiris & Annie, have welcomed us into what feels like home and lead us like a team. Thank you and “filakia”. Olivia, USA

“Dear Sotiris and Annie, thank you so much for such an amazing trip around the Cyclades. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, even if we couldn’t eat ‘dolmades’, that was a little tragic, but the rest of the trip and your hospitality made up for it. The waters were so blue and the winds so calm and so many fish swam in the sea. The dolphin’s house was a little bit away for a visit but I believe we can make it there next time. Thank you so many times to you both , to your stories and to all the laughing together. We will probably meet again! Lots of free “filakia”!” Irene, Spain

“Just a few simple words… one of the best experiences ever, something that I will never forget! Thanks Sotiris & Annie.” Linda“Thank you for making our days extraordinary, magical, special. This trip is going to stay in my heart forever. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge, humour… with us. You are very generous and kind. I hope I repeat this trip soon. “Filakia”!” Elisa, Spain


Sailing & Diving Tale, 6/7/2019

67578381 10158889698309196 7989046165955936256 o"Thank you very much for this amazing journey. I’ve enjoyed every dive that we’ve done - especially the airplane one. I’ve learned a lot of new things and techniques for sailing. For sure, I’ll recommend this type of vacation to everyone. Please keep the phenomenal work. By the time I get back, I’ll also have read some novels.” Niklas, Germany

"Annie & Sotiris thank you for all the moments I will never forget. See you later maybe, for another dive in Greece or France!" Nicolas, France

“Thanks for the wonderful trip and the possibility to practice my scanty abilities in sailing. I really enjoyed and appreciate it. You are great people and who knows, maybe I’ll come back for some other adventure!” Laura, Italy

67374210 10158871982179196 6169250625512013824 n
“Dear Annie & Sotiris, thank you so much for the wonderful trip we had together. It was really great for us to experience sailing for the first time and we enjoyed the beautiful Cyclades islands so much. We will be back for more at your country’s beauty for sure!!!” Nikolay & Gergana, Bulgaria


Sailing & Walking Tale, 16/6/2019

66254050 10158794538054196 7194258112734298112 o"Annie and Sotiris, a thousand thanks for the most wonderful week - better than we could have imagined! The walks we did with Annie’s expert guidance made us appreciate the beautiful landscape of these amazing islands because we were in it instead of driving by it. The sailing was incredible, thanks to the depth of Sotiri’s knowledge and skill, and Scott will always be grateful for this generosity and patience teaching those skills, as well as for the opportunity to sail this beautiful boat in such exciting conditions - and for giving us such perfect weather! Best of luck - may we meet again, perhaps in Canada!” Scott & Jennifer, Canada


Sailing & Diving Tale, 8/06/2019

66004541 10158780202654196 3106017153287979008 o"Annie & Sotiris, you've been great! I really enjoyed exploring the Aegean Sea and sailing for the first time in my life with you. Thanks for the welcoming hospitality and I look forward to welcoming you one day at Dubai." Ahmed, Dubai

"Sotiris & Annie, a wonderful way to experience Greece; with good friends, tasty food and beautiful dives! My wife, Jen & I, have long been divers. With over 20 years shard between the two of us, she with the greater portions and hundreds if not thousands of dives under the belt. And, diving has far been our favourite shared travel passtime, so this was the best way to spend our time in exploration of Greece! Locations that felt undiscovered and new. 

Jen and I are sailors. She crewed a liveaboard in Australia while learning her Divemaster/Instructor certs. I have been a sailor for the US Navy for greater than 15 years, the majority spent sailing the waters of the Pacific off the coast of Japan. It was this week we realised we’d not been sailing together. And though we’ve been together three, short years, this was a wonderful, new shared experience for us. 

To the point: Thank you for the divers and giving us something new to share in our marriage. Sailing around Greece was the best way to take in the beauty of the area with good friends, tasty food and beautiful dives! Warm regards.” Matt & Jen, USA

Sailing & Walking Tale, 1/06/2019

alison uk 1 june
"I loved the holiday!! It was perfect for me and as a woman travelling on her own I felt extremely comfortable. Daphne and Sotiris were perfect hosts and made it a lot of fun." Alison, UK

Sailing & Walking Tale, 4/5/2019

65275871 10158759467699196 4565165930564288512 o"Thank you for guiding us in The beautiful and serene islands of Cyclades. A memorable trip that I cherish..." Catherine, France 

"We all loved our sailing and walking in the Cyclades, so beautiful,.. Isabelle and I were talking earlier about repeating the experience but for 2 weeks instead!" Christine, France

Your views & comments in 2018

Sailing & Diving Tale, 29/09/2018

"Dear Annie & Sotiris, I’ve fortunately lost track of the days and can’t believe it’s been a week already. Thank you for the wonderful memories. The sights were amazing but it was the people who made it an adventure. I look forward to telling everyone at home about morning sun salutations and sea elephant sightings." Megan and Brian, USA


Sailing & Diving Tale, 15/09/2018

"Dear Annie & captain Sotiris, thank you for this unforgettable experience. You have made our first sailing trip full of memories we will never forget. Thank you for your wonderful company and sharing dinners and drinks with us. We wish you both the best of luck and hope to see you in the future! Sincerely!" Paul & Tina, Holland & USA

"Thank you both for this wonderful week! I'll miss the wind, the rocking and your company!" Andrea, Switzerland

Sailing & Diving Tale, 8/09/2018

"The most memorable are the beautiful quiet islands we visited during the sailing trip, the 2 dolphins who swam with us the second day, the dive to a German war plane and the sailing itself. You just sit on deck, with a grip, and watch the sea, the wind, the islands. You can't do anything but relax." Arabella, Netherlands


Sailing Tale, 25/8/2018

"Dear Annie & Sotiris, thank you for all the journeys I’v had this week. I loved all the places we went and the festival in Iraklia. And thank you Sotiris for showing me your game about the imagination and the guards defending it. And letting me steer the boat." Leo, 12 years old, UK

"Dear Annie & Sotiris, thank you for everything. I was going to write what Leo wrote but he wrote it before me. Also Sotiris thank you for teaching me sign language.” Kitty, 10 years old, UK

“Dear Sotiris, thank you for a fabulous week and for making me feel very comfortable despite my feeling a little nervous to begin with. What an incredible holiday with fantastic memories.” Lucy, UK

"Dear Sotiris, to leave is heartbreaking. Truly, one of the best weeks of my life. Every port and cove and bay more beautiful than the last. Every meal wonderful. And a completely fabulous day of steering the boat. You were wonderful. Thank you.” Wendy, USA

Sailing & Diving Tale, 4/08/2018

"Dear Annie & Sotiris, thank you for such a wonderful sail and dive trip. The weather of course was not always the best with the heat and wind. Thank you for the adjustments and for giving us a safe passage. Me and my son had a wonderful time. I hope to visit the islands again. Thanks!" Don & Mikey, USA


Sailing & Diving Tale, 28/7/2018

"Dear Annie & Sotiris, thank you so much for this amazing holiday. We had a great time and learned a lot about sailing, diving and the Greek culture! The dives were unforgettable! Thank you both for navigating us safely through rough seas and showing us beautiful islands. We wish you all the best for the future and hope you have more adventurous sailing trips. Lots of love!" Geraldine, Karsten, Chiara, Killian, France


Sailing & Diving Tale, 14/7/2018

"What a wonderful time we had! You were great “leaders” and taught us so much more than we expected about this gorgeous country. The company couldn’t have been better. Thanks for everything. So glad Aaron found you so many years ago and we got to share a bit of his experience. Lets all keep in touch and come visit us in the USA.” xoxo Lj and David, USA


"Dear Annie & Sotiris, we had lots of laughs and conversations. It was a great way to see the smaller islands with like minded travellers. It was great with the merger of the nations onboard Tahita.” Helen & Michael, Australia

"Danke euch fur dieses tolle Erlebnis! Die Tauch-gange, das Segeln, die landschaft und naturlich das Essen war lecstlich wir haben talle Leute getroffen und hoffen, uns wieder einmal uber den web zu laufen. Liebe Ceusse." Sheila and Felix, Switzerland


Sailing Tale, 30/06/2018

"It is hard to pinpoint one moment over the whole week. The Small Cyclades are beautiful and lovely islands rising from crystal seas so against this backdrop the cove where we anchored to snorkel, the dives to underwater wrecks and caverns, the delicious food at hard-to-reach tavernas, the sailing between each fascinating location and finally the great company of Tahita's team, all contributed to an amazing week. Fantastic!" Lisa, Madeleine, Andrew, Matilda & Jemima, UK

Sailing & Diving Tale, 16/06/2018

"Thank you, we enjoyed our holiday very much... We also really enjoyed Sotiris' company, he made the trip very memorable for us." Jessica & Keith, USA

Sailing & Walking Tale, 9/6/2018

"Could these aged backpackers from London cope with their first small sailing boat holiday and trekking around the Small Cyclades? Why should we have had any qualms when we were in the hands of the incomparable Sotiris and Annie. This holiday ranks as one of the very best that we have enjoyed in our lives. We shall never forget the beauty of the islands, the relaxing evenings in wonderful taverns and the companionship of our fellow guests. Thank you for a magnificent and unforgettable holiday." Keith & Melanie, UK

"Ah, our first encounter with Greece. Many things were as I'd dreamed they'd be: the colour of the sea, the whitewashed buildings hugging the land, the boat. The best surprise was the food. Beautifully prepared by Annie and Sotiris. Thanks for helping to choose wonderful starters to share! You are attentive to everyone's needs and pleasures. I loved the terrific guided walks. Thanks for a beautiful trip!" Trish & Gates, USA

"You are a great team and we thoroughly enjoyed our exhilarating stay with you! Thank you for looking after us so well. The weather and particularly the wind performed well of us - thank you for arranging this! We shall not leave it another thirty years before we return to Greece again. With fondest wishes..." Lyndsay and John, UK


Sailing & Walking Tale, 02/06/2018

"Thanks for a fantastic adventure in introducing us to Greece and sailing. Awesome weather, terrific seas and wonderful company! It has been wonderful to share this week!" Tom, Colleen, Kate and Sam, USA


Sailing Tale, 12/05/2018

"Hi Annie and Soto, firstly, our congratulations for having succeeded to render our trip so interesting... We also wanted to attest to the excellent competence of our captain Soto (although we did not have to survive a storm!) but would like also to bring to notice the exceptional presence of Stella who managed us so well through her people skills and humour to entertain all of us all the way. We enjoyed the restaurants that you had chosen and the format of the trip and your boat, Tahita are under. Do pursue it since we shall let know our friends but also might come back..." Very best, Alex and Kim

Your views & comments in 2017

Sailing & Walking Tale, 15/10/2017

2017 10 18 14.05.46

"For the third time in a decade, thank you Sotiris & Annie for what has been a glorious week - a week needed to remind me that, if only for a moment in the water, it's always worth it, more than I can say!" Francesca, UK
2017 10 18 14.04.51

 "Annie & Sotiris, we enjoyed a whole spectrum of islands, walks, experiences and every wind conditions! An unforgettable excursion to be flagged to the attention of our adventure-seeking friends! Thanks so much!" Becky and Gil, Canada


Sailing & Diving Tale, 8/10/2017

Dal susan"Of hundreds of dives all over the world - this trip may be our last liveaboard. It was very memorable and one of the best. Thank you! Dear Annie & Sotiris, your professionalism was exceeded only by your warmth and passion for the sea. Very much enjoyed Venus's Cavern and the last Cathedral dive.
Your generosity of spirit, good conversation and knowledge of life in the Cyclades both now and historically was much appreciated." Dale & Suzy, USA


Sailing & Walking Tale, 23/09/2017 

2017 09 30 00.01.27 2"Everything was memorable! Spending a week living on a yacht and sailing the crystal clear, stunningly blue and mostly very calm waters of the Mediterranean. Hiking on beautiful and sparsely populated islands where we had the hinterland mostly to ourselves and discovering the hidden corners of historic island villages, guided by the wonderful Annie, who was full of information on local plants and habitat, as well as where to get the best coffee and seafood! Taking lessons in boat-craft from skipper Sotiris while hearing about his involvement in a wonderful upcycling initiative that complements the eco-principles of the tour company. And not least, having a great time with a wonderful group of like minded travel companions.

2017 09 29 18.03.16 HDR

The deep appreciation of the environment Annie and Sotiris encourage promotes its conservation, with locals and visitors alike, and the tourist dollars we bring provide livelihoods for the islanders and reduce pressure on the ocean and the land." Jane, Austrialia

"Thank you Annie and Sotiris for such a lovely and relaxing week and for sharing such beautifull islands (and ordering such delicious food for us!).Katie T., UK

2017 09 29 12.52.11

"Sailing, walking around the lovely (small) Cyclades, wonderful food and best of all lovely company and guidance. Thanks very much!Bill, Australia

"Thanks for an amazing week, wonderful sailing, beautiful islands, stunning walks and tasty food! I will be back! Lots of love!" Katie, UK

2017 09 29 13.29.33

"Ya Annie & Sotiri, it was a very fun trip; enjoyed the simplicity and your being genuine makes the trip very homey and cosy. What more to do than being relaxed and comfrotable when sailing, hiking, swimming around the Greek islands. Ala Salama!" Nadine, Lebanon



Sailing & Walking Tale, 2/9/2017

Angela2SeP"I have just returned from a sailing/hiking trip on Tahita with Skipper George and first mate Daphne. I travelled alone as an adventurous 65 year old lady and joined the other 5 crew/guests sailing around the Cyclades Islands and going ashore daily to hike around the beautiful, natural, unspoilt islands. George took care of us whilst afloat in his very laid back way which reflected total safety and trust in all his decisions. We all took part in crewing, carrying out his instructions and feeling part of the team. He entertained us in the evenings with his great sense of humour and we likened him to an old 'Greek pirate'. 

Daphne mentored us to walk/hike with her even though the temperatures were soaring during the midday hours and despite the heat we thoroughly enjoyed her immense knowledge of the history of the islands and learning about the various, abundant wild shrubs and herbs. Each island was different and we worked up an appetite to be guided to the best tavernas that were only known to the locals. I enjoyed the best walking (almost 40 miles during the week), swimming in the clearest of waters, sailing of course and delicious fish and local produce served up by the very friendly and welcoming locals.

The weather was stunning in early September and we didn't see a cloud the whole week. I would love to return and highly recommend the trip. Mystic Blue took care of my booking and kept me up to date and informed the whole time so I felt very safe travelling alone with the detailed itinerary. A great holiday all round!" Angela, UK

Sailing & Diving Tale, 26/8/2017

Swiss26 Aug"Thank you so much for being such a perfect guide and showing us so many beautiful things and places. It was our first sailing experience and we absolutely loved it! Dear Antonis, our "seabreeze captain", thank you for your smile, your good humour and for being such a great skipper! We will miss you both and hope we will meet again. Thank you again for this great experience & the good laughs. Kisses & hugs." Sylvie & Volker, Swizerland

Italians26 aug"Dear Annie & Antonis, It's been a pleasure meeting you and spending a week together. Kimolos will be hard to forget, Sifnos' paths were a lovely surprise. The beginning at Marpissa and the ending at Prodromos make the perfect frame of this wonderful experience. This was our first sailing week and the first of many others. We will just remember the pills for Maurizio. Thank you. See you next year!" Serena & Maurizio, Italy


Giorgos26aug"Dear Annie & Antonis, another fantastic experience on and under the waves or the paths of the Cycladic islands under the constant blow of the Aegean Sea... we didn't only visit fantastic places but also once again met new people that became our friends. We filled our batteries for the long winter that is awaiting for us in Innsbruck. Kisses." Katerina & George, Greece


Sailing & Diving Tale, 19/8/2017

"Wenjoyd your hospitality Annie & Yiorgos! The islands were charming and breathtaking. You were fantastic hosts and always made us feel comfortable. Please do look me up if you get to Tampa, Fl!" Diana, USA

"Wow, what a week! Thank you for such an unforgettablexperience. We met awesome new friends, had some lovely dives, and leave with many wonderful memories." Lindsay, USA

"What a wonderful week on the sailboat. Scenery was amazing. I met amazing people. This is a trip I will always remember. Thank you for taking good care of us at sea!" Zoe, USA 

"Thank you for the wonderful views in and out of the sea." Brian, USA

Sailing & Diving Tale, 12/8/2017


"An experience we will remember, discovery of sailing, great dives! I will never forget that walk around Schinoussa in the sunset and Annie's smile. Thanks for welcoming us on your boat, in your great country!" Violaine, Frederic, Leandre, Andeol, France

"Dear Annie and Antonis, thank you so much for an exciting week... even though we had been to some places in the Small Cyclades before, it was a totally new experience. I’m sure we will never forget to walk to the restaurant in Koufonisi, the 5-6-7-8 beaufort sailing with Antonis. We will have a different perspective of washing machines since Amorgos and the day of rest at Schinoussa was lovely. If you ever come to Amsterdam, come and visit us... otherwise we will see you again on Tahita, the islands or in Athens. Love and hugs!" Christine and Patrick, Holland.


Sailing Tale, 29/7/2017

"First time sailing and can't see how it could have been better! The boat was great and the opportunity to see the small Cyclades with all the stories from our skipper is unforgettable." Colin, UK 

"Thank you so very much for such a memorable trip. We felt so looked after and in incredible good hands; a real expert. Thank you guys so much." Sarah, Poppy and Annie, UK

Sailing & Diving Tale, 15/7/2017


"Dear Annie & Sotiris, this was a wonderful week full of amazing adventures, beautiful scenery, amazing dives and great company. I felt at home like I do in my ship. The food and all the islands we visited was awesome. Thank you very much for everything! Yamas!” Lecia, USA

“Dear Annie & Sotiris, thank you for a wonderful, amazing, fun holiday. This one week has created a lifetime of memories for me. I really appreciate all your hard work, as well as the great company you both are. Muchisimas gracias! Besos y un abrazote!” Liz, Puerto Rico

Malin 15 july“Badass diving! Great clean and organised boat where we could relax! Thanks a bunch!” Malin, Sweden

"Thank you both for a wonderful week. Beautiful dives, lovely locations, fab food recommendations. G&T plus sunset = bliss! We loved spending time onboard Tahita and felt like a family by the end. We will miss you lots. Love." Helen & Dave, Ireland & UK


Sailing & Diving Tale, 1/7/2017

"Dear Annie & Sotiris, thank you so much for introducing us to all your favourite parts of the Cyclades - both above and below water! It has been an inspiring, educational and very, very relaxing week. The barbecue on our own private beach was particular special as were the Antiparos sunsets. Thank you for all your stories and jokes! I hope to be back one day. xx" Vicky, UK
1Jul"This was an amazing trip - diving & sailing through the Cyclades. It was nothing like I expected and one of the best holidays I've had. Good food, good compay, good weather... what more can you want? The highlight was the BBQ dinnner on a deserted beach. Thank you for everything." Yusuf, Australia

Sailing Tale, 19/6/2017

“Thank you Sotiris and Noha, there are no words to explain how much I enjoyed this trip! It was certainly not what I expected… it was much better! Your knowledge of the islands and marine life fascinates me greatly and I only wish to keep it in mind when I continue to research marine science at university of San Diego. My only regret was not learning how to sail mono… but seeing as my sailing job was clearly subpar.. haha… it’s probably better I spent most of my time and energy in watching the ocean. My favourite parts of the trip was Sotiris accents, Noha’s cooking and kindness, and swimming with the phospholuminescence! Thank you for your grace & humour & sharing your extensive knowledge.” Sophie, USA


Sotiris, Noha & Annie, there are many adjectives I could use to describe this trip; beautiful people, awe inspiring, life changing. However, I think the one that best describes it is magical. We saw many magical things on this trip, from vultures soaring high to sea turtle waving hello to a war plane resting deep beneath the waves, but the real magic of this trip was the magic of transformation. None of us knew what we were getting ourselves into when we first came clambered onto this little boat (some more gracefully than others), but what we experienced charmed us all. Your warmth, kindness, and generocity opened the way for hearty laughs and deep discussions, and relaxatioin with an ease that’s rare in this day and age. While we were sailing around the islands, trying their specialties… each one of us was relieved from worries of everyday life: time stood still. People seek out these things while on vacation, but very few find it with such authenticity as we did on this trip. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I hope that you all find happiness and prosperity in everything you do! With love. PS. Good luck with Trashformers!” Ada, USA 

Sailing & diving Tale, 10/6/2017

"Annie - thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion for the Cyclades - having never been to Greece this has been an incredible experience. Sotiris - thank you for being the best skipper!! Keep fighting those mosquitos for me… one at a time, one at a time. Much love.” Sarah, UK

"Thank you both for an amazing time! Both the diving and the sailing was brilliant. We all had a lovely time exploring the islands and enjoying the food. Thank you both for everything that you did with such passion and enthusiasm. I have had an unforgettable time. Thanks.” Paul, UK

Marta10 June

"Thank you for an amazing time I had and all effort you put in to make my stay perfect." Marta, Polland


Your views & comments in 2016

Sailing & Diving Tale,  9/10/2016

14642344 10155375527129196 8072340944995329340 n"Sotiris, Annie, it was such an amazing trip… we had everything: adventure, science, politics, excitement, discussions, sun, wind, no wind, clouds, waves, lightnings, nearly rain, sailing for hours, diving, caves, sponges, corals, nudibranchs, tube worms, octopuses, tritons, amphoras, lobster, groupers, shrimps… beaches, sand, pebbles… Thank you for everything!! We learned so much on this trip. Looking forward to meeting you again. See you next year!" Astrid & Simon, Austria

"Thank you for such a fun week! Filled with crazy scuba diving adventures, too many full bellies, plenty of laughter, many times running into stationary objects while the yacht was moving, lots of raki, a lot of sunburn & so many good beaches! xx" Lauren, USA"
14657488 10155375527089196 6306235375424712412 n


Dear Annie & Sotiris, thanks very much for a fantastic week! Εven when things weren't quite 'plain sailing' you always found a solution with such a smile. I'll definitely be looking for sailing lessons back in the UK. Best wishes!" Amy, UK 

Sailing & Walking Tale, 17/09/2016

14523232 10153803548560925 6326231169334544245 n"Already back in Spain trying to get back to the daily routine 
after an unforgettable summer. Here are a few memories of the fantastic finale: a week of sailing and hiking in the small Cyclades on Tahita in the company of friends; great, ecologists Mystic Blue Eco Sailing. And Let's not forget Daphne and our patron, the great Sotiris! Thank you." Lorenza, Empar, Jaume, Olga, Teresa and Angels, Spain
Sailing & Walking Tale, 3/09/2016
14639853 10155341713809196 4022616310689860068 n
"Thanks to Annie & Sotiris for a wonderful relaxing week discovering the lesser Cyclades… It's been a week full of singing (nursery rhymes), swimming (something unplanned!!) and good food, with the occasional gin &
tonic thrown in. Thanks to the fellow travellers Christoph & Verena, Francesca & Stella and Lorraine for making it such an enjoyable week!
14591625 10155341713784196 6804174705012817967 n
I've loved every minute of it and have seen a new side to Greece that I hope to see again and again. Wishing Annie & Sotiris all the best for their future ventures and adventures. Un grand abrazo. xx" Laura, UK

"A lovely way of experiencing the smaller Cyclades on Tahita. Thanks to Annie & Sotiris for making us feel welcome." Lorraine, UK
Sailing & Diving Tale, 27/09/2016

14199338 10155221798399196 6691596479937139449 n
"Sotiris & Annie, from wonderful sailing adventures to seeing the stars in Koufonisia to late nights at the taverna, we absolutely loved our trip. Thank you for not only being our guides through our first time in Greece (and Chris' first time in Europe) but also wonderful friends. Your philosophy of exploring the world and leaving a better (not more damaging) impact will always remain with us. We will bring back so many stories and experiences with us to our friends and family. We won't say goodbye but rather see you next time! Please come and visit us in the US anytime. Best regards." Diane & Chris, USA
10622889 10154728514191952 3000795258028685156 n
"What a week! Not one I will ever forget and I don't think can ever be repeated. Thank you for making it such an amazing experience in every way. I wish you both good luck and best wishes for the future. Love." Sancha, UK
14202685 10155221798664196 2276109461280403279 n
"Annie & Sotiris, thank you both so much for making this holiday such a wonderful experience for us in so many ways. So many beautiful islands & adventures in the last seven days, this is a week that will live long in my memory and will inspire me to do much more with my time. You have been much more than guides to us and we really appreciate the friendship and generosity of spirit that has made our holiday so special. xxx" Adam, UK
Sailing Tale, 20/08/2016

"Sotiris thank you so much for an amazing trip in the Cyclades. We had some amazing experiences such as: seeing a wild turtle, eating souvlaki and falafel, meeting you and all your interesting topics. I will remember Greece, you and your kindness." Lev, UK

"Thank you so so much for a very memorable week we had on Tahita thanks to you! The feeling of freedom when you feel the wind on your skin during a sail, sleeping on a deck under the open sky with myriad of bright stars, every evening discovering a new island, snorkelling at night, seeing a turtle - all of these was memorable and exciting. I will remember the places you took us, the things you taught us on the boat (I hope I  remember at least how to make one of the knots), but most of all I'll remember our conversations. Thank you for being open and true to yourself. That's invaluable. I'm glad I met yet another human being with a beautiful and open mind as yours." Ilona, UK
Sailing Tale, 13/08/2016
14364884 10155252062929196 6198056104810123520 n
"Thank you so much for the week we spent with you exploring the islands. We made so many great memories! Some of our favourite things included: the cliff jumping, cave exploring, the amazing food, our barbecue on the deserted island (seeing my first shooting star!) and all of the delicious ice cream. We will miss Tahita. Thanks again for everything." Ella, Sam, Luke, Linda & Derek, Ireland

Sailing & Diving Tale, 23/07/2016
2016 07 25 18.00.02
"What a wonderful week!!! A great experience - wonderful company and guidance, beautiful islands and very interesting diving sites. I have learned an awful lot this week about sailing, diving, Greek food, politics, films, sea life e.t.c, and look forward to a return trip in the future. Love." Pat, UK

"Annie & Sotiris, thank you so much for the great laughs, spectacular dives, delicious food, and smooth sailing this pat week. I had a wonderful time both on and off Tahita." Caitline, USA
Sailing Tale, 16/07/2016

"Thank you for a wonderful week of sailing and exploring new islands. We really love the Small Cyclades so thank you for introducing us! We will definitely try to return some day. Sotiris you are such an expert sailor - I learnt so much just by watching you! Noha, you cared of us so well, especially with the seasickness and you are also a great first Mate! Sailing the channel was thrilling and challenging. Sailing around the islands was like paradise! Love." Suzie, Ian, Emma & Lanz, Charlotte, UK
Sailing & Diving Tale, 2/07/2016
13697106 10155054699839196 3083898753164937658 n
"Annie & Sotiris, thank you so much for such an amazing week exploring the Cyclades! Here are some of our favourite memories: zikibob dancing, "in da oven", Greek breakfast, brunch, lunch, learning about biodiversity of the Med, Willem Dafoo movies, village walks with Annie, amazing cavern dives, learning the three Greek phrases to gets by: a. so what; b. why not c. cheers!, teaching/hearing southern accents and phrases.

Y'all the best - can't wait to come back! Love." Kristina (Katerina), Farrell (Filitsa), Dan (Danos), Ian (Yiannis), US
Sailing & Diving Tale, 25/06/2016

2016 06 03 19.07.26"Annie & Sotiris, we had a wonderful experience this past week. Sailing through the Small Cyclades was a moving experience. The scenery, the history, the people, the food… it was lovely. Your informed guidance made the whole week run smoothly, no matter the challenges. Diving that huge cavern was really special. The light filters in from above illuminating the life within the cavern was beautiful. Sotiris worked very hard to get us to our dive sites and ports of call in a timely, stress free fashion. Thanks again to you both!" Simon & Susan, Canada
Sailing & Diving Tale, 11/06/2016
13599929 10155006542759196 8299783117595613340 n
"Dear Annie & Sotiris, thank you so much for this beautiful week we spent! Sea, sand, sky, fishes, sponges, a giant scorpion fish, one hidden sea turtle, dolphins, cats by hundreds... dry and amazing landscapes, sailing, diving, delicious meals, nice floating sleeps on Tahita, colourful flowers... super friendly and warm people everywhere... and your company!
We enjoyed a lot your knowledge about nature, your skills to guide us under the sea and on land and your passionate reflexions-discussions! You took really good care of us! Thank you!!!" Manu & Kathleen, France & Germany

"Merci pour cette semaine de découverte. Vous m' avez donné envie de progresser au plongée et de m'initier a la voile… efharisto polee!" Jean-Pierre, France 
Sailing & Walking Tale, 21/05/2016
13501998 10154960146804196 7628080556212536132 n
"Dear Annie & Sotiris, I think I fell a little bit in love with the Cyclades and it's a lot because of you guys. Thank you for being so passionate about what you do and let other people share it with you. You impressed me by your multi-task 
activities. It was my first experience on sailing. I enjoyed to watch the infinite horizon, to have the possibility to look the sea at 360 degrees, to just let my body follow the movements of the sea and receiving the dancing of the wind on my face. The Greek people I met were so nice, open-minded and took care of me in every occasion. Greece and especially the little Cyclades, taught me about generosity. Your home is in my heart. Thanks a lot!" Eve-coralie, France

2016 05 25 16.31.50"Sotiris & Annie, how can we thank you for such a lovely week in your islands. I can't think of a better way to get an insight into your wonderful country. As hosts we've really enjoyed your energy and thoughtfulness and company. The food, the walks, the islands - all wonderful. Please come and see us if you can. Thank you and regards." Mike & Annie, New Zealand

"I loved it. Thanks for creating such a lovely itinerary and a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. Thanks for caring for us, the communities you visit and mother earth. It makes all the difference!" Jane, Ireland

"We are so grateful of you both for our experience of the Cyclades. It has been a truly memorable experience - from the diving and learning of the Mediterranean Sea and marine life to the walking around the islands, and even the angle we achieved while sailing! We are looking forward to retelling our adventure to friends and family over Joe's soon-to-be Greek inspired goat! Much love & thanks."
Joe & Annie, New Zealand

Your comments & reviews in 2015

Sailing & Diving Tale, 23/05/2015

May22b“Dear Tahita (and Sotiris & Annie), we have had a beautiful, exciting, and fun week sailing with you. We especially loved riding in the truck and eating goat in Koufonisi, the cavern dive in Iraklia, provisioning in the small towns, the beach hike in Kimolos, the walks and delicious sea food in Sifnos, and a fun, lively last dive in Kimolos followed by snorkeling at the shipwreck and a visit to a small fishing village for ‘meze’ in Milos.

It was an exciting adventure all week long and we appreciate your thoughtfulness in showing us around greatly. We wish Tahita and her crew many wonderful adventures! Thank you! With much love and sincerity.” Danielle & Josh, USA

mAY22“Annie & Sotiris, thank you so much for a wonderful week aboard Tahita. The seas were beautiful, the dives were fantastic, and the food was unbelievable. Thank you for taking us to the small towns on the small islands and letting us experience the ‘real Cycaldes’. I appreciate the personal touch you both give to the trip. Thank you so much.” Nathan, USA

“Annie & Sotiris, Time on Tahita was fantastic. Thank you for the genuine and thoughtful care you took of us. It was a trip that will not be forgotten. Will definitely be sending friends your way.” Katie, USA

“Annie & Sotiris, the time I spent with you this last week has been the best that I have had in a long time. I want to thank you for sharing your experience and life with us if only for a short time. I would definitely join you again in the future to see more of the islands. Thank you for everything.” Chris, USA

Sailing & Diving Tale, 6/6/2015

6junc“Il était une fois… 2 Suisses, 1 Hollandaise, 2 Quebecois, mais surtout une charmante femme du prenom d’ Annie et d’un capitaine formidable donc une equipage complet et pleurs d’amour. Vos valeurs sont biens partagées ainsi que vos connaissances, nous nous sommes sentis en confiances, merci de nous avoir bercés sur cette magnifique Mediterannee.” Florence & Roger, Canada


6 junb“Merci infiniment pour cette magnifique expérience.” Lulu, Switzerland


“This was the most happy, beautiful, relaxing sail & dive trip I have even been on!! Thank you so much for taking such good care of us! Love.”Marian, Switzerland

Sailing, Diving & Walking Tale, 10/07/2015

2015 07 10 19.34.13“Nous avons passé une excellent semaine en compagnie de toute l’équipe – j’ai eu l’occasion de faire ma 1ere épave. Merci à Annie & Sotiris” Radha, France

“Une magnifique semaine de navigation pour nous deux. Un souvenir inoubliable = la balla de l’Iraklia et la plongee dans la caverne d’Ali Baba. Efharisto Annie & Sotiris.” Lucile, France

“Thanks Annie & Sotiris for showing us much lovely beaches, ports, villages, tavernas around the Cyclades. You showed us Greeks can enjoy themselves in this lovely environment despite austerity. We will spread the word.” Gesche & Michael, Germany & UK

11750713 10154090321814196 7739749182099751732 n“It was such an enjoyable trip. I was very glad to have found Mystic Blue and sailed with you to different islands in the Cyclades. Each island is beautiful in its unique way. I particularly like Sifnos and Iraklia. Thank you Annie for taking us to the trails and letting us enjoy the spectacular views.My special thanks to you Annie for helping me jump into the water finally. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you. You are a kind, capable and strong woman. Thank you Sotiris for taking the helm and bringing us to these wonderful places. Greece is a beautiful country. I love it! Wish you all the best!!!” Katherine, China

“In sickness and in health it has been a brilliant week! Thank you for sharing some of your beautiful country and its hidden gems with us. Keep up the good work. All the best and ‘grazie’!” Lorenza, Italy 

Sailing Tale, 25/07/2015

“Thank you. We had a wonderful holiday in Greece and will certainly be back ourselves besides recommending it to friends. Thomas and Miss Georgia were great and we had fun hopping around the various islands. The smaller islands were more fun for us, more relaxed and laid back. Once again, thanks for a fantastic holiday. Regards” Navdeep, India 

Sailing Tale, 1/08/2015

Wilmafamily1“What an experience! When we remember our time on Tahita we might just have to sit down! We just got our sea legs and now it’s time to go – we’re  sorry we couldn’t enjoy the sea, the sailing and the beautiful islands for a little longer. Thank you for the amazing experiences, fantastic food and spectacular islands and sailing!” Wilma & Family, South Africa

Sailing Tale, 15/08/2015



“Tom and I had a wonderful time! There were so many highlights it’s  difficult to choose which ones to mention, but I knew Tom will be recounting the boat rescue episode for many weeks/months/years! Thank you for giving us such a good holiday experience.” Claudia & Tom, UK  

Sailing & Diving Tale, 12/09/2015

“Nice diving, nice stories. Thank you for this week.” Elizabeth & Peter, Austria

Sailing & Walking Tale, 26/09/2015

26spta“Thank you for a wonderful holiday, always loved Greece & Sotiris and Annie reminded me how lovely and quiet the islands are. I forgot how blue the water is & how friendly the Greeks are. Have a good life & if you ever make it to Australia, get in touch. Thank you. Ciao.” Louise & Mal, Australia 

Dear Annie & Sotiris, the walks were fabulous, the sailing invigorating and the company was pleasant. You set everything up very well for us and gave us some great memories. Thank you for a memorable holiday.” Jo-Ann & Gary, USA



 “Annie & Sotiris, thank you for an amazing trip! The islands were beautiful and so fun to explore. We loved it all. Love.” Amanda & Matt, USA



Sailing & Diving Tale, 03/10/2015


“Sailing in the open water on the calm sunny days with gentle wind… mooring in the isolated bays away from any crowds… 5 different dive sites, especially the cave… all the small villages we visited… great experience and gave us a good taste of sailing… now ready for some more! You guys made the trip even better, great job Sotiris and Takis.” Melanie, USA 

Your comments & reviews in 2014

Sailing & Diving Tale, 24/05/2014

“The end of a perfect dive and sail trip for me. Diving in Greece with Annie was perfect. The visibility was always good and so much sea life to see. The highlight of the week was the squalls we run into and the winds gusts. I loved every minute of the storm! I never felt we were in danger because our team Sotiris & Annie are truly expert sailors! Sarah was also a delight to spend the week with!” Janet, Seattle USA“

Dear Annie & Sotiris, thank you so much for a wonderful trip. It was amazing and I loved every minute of it (apart from my near death experience!). Hope to see you very soon. Thanks again, much love.” Sarah, UK

Sailing & Diving Tale, 07/06/2014

“Annie and Sotiris, thank you so much for an amazing week aboard Tahita. It was the most memorable part of our time in Greece thanks to the great company, interesting dives, and phenomenal food. I hope I have the opportunity to visit again sometime in the future!” Alex, USA

“Annie & Sotiris, thank you so much for showing us a fantastic 5 days abroad the boat. The diving, sun and company were wonderful. I’ll definitely be recommending you to friends. Don’t let Alec do too much and enjoy the rest of the week!…” Nick, USA

“Dear Annie & Sotiris, Maya, Alec & I thank you for such a wonderful week with both of you on Tahita! Your intelligence about all things and loving care of your guests made these voyages more than just a great dive trip. Thank you for the love and care you put into your work. I have benefited immeasurably.” William, USA

“Annie & Sotiris, thank you so much for this amazing week onboard Tahita! Every day was a new adventure and it’s thanks to you that we were able to see amazing parts of the islands we would have never otherwise seen! I loved every aspect of the trip – the diving, the sailing and the delicious food! Thanks for all the memories, your kindness, and your friendship.” Maya, USA

“Thank you guys for taking us on this adventure. It was so good to get to know you two even though we didn’t “turn” up. The diving and food was incredible, so thanks for that. It’s been real!!” Alec, USA

Sailing & Walking Tale, 14/06/2014

“Annie & Sotiris, I had one of the most awesome experience in my life (short life), beautiful islands, very nice people, great meals… I hope that you also enjoyed as much as we all did. I’ll recommend anyone I know to come and sail this beautiful sea with you.” Ruben, Portugal

“To our great new Greek friends, Annie & Sotiris, thank you for all of the amazing new experiences and memories that we shared together; Greek dancing, Greek music, Greek food, Greek coffee, Greek culture and of course extremely strong Greek alcohol!!!! Thank you for teaching us about sailing and taking us diving. Thank you for introducing us to all things Greek, and in the best way possible! We both felt that we experienced Greece in a very different way, unlike other tourists and now we have greater appreciation for even the most remote islands that other tourists have never heard of!! Thank you for everything, we wish we could do it all over again! We will be in touch! Talk soon and take care.” Kim and Tara, Botswana

Sailing & Walking Tale, 28/06/2014

“Annie & Sotiris, thank you for making this a wonderful holiday. It was fantastic to visit different islands and explore the paths and… and… so many lovely memories to take home. We have been visiting Greece for 40 years and we tasted the best food ever in the family run tavernas that you introduced us to. Thanks again.” Chris and Greg, UK

Sailing Tale, 05/07/2014

“Annie & Sotiris, thank you for your sailing skills and your friendly attention to try to meet our individual needs. Greatly enjoyed to going to small, family kafenions for dinner and swimming in beautiful waters.” Stephen & Jane, UK

Sailing Tale, 12/07/2014

“Dear Sotiris… We’ve had an amazing week with you. A true adventure – never knowing where we would end up that evening but knowing that if we put our trust in Soto it would be fantastic! Thank you for taking time to introduce us to some wonderful places and wonderful friends. Snorkeling, food, history, biodiversity – Yippee!” Madeleine, UK

“We had an unforgettable time with you on Tahita! Dolphin spotting, “Gilda” on the open air cinema and the WW2 airplane were definitely highlights. Looking forward to seeing Trashformers on comic book stores worldwide! Thanks again for our best holiday ever.” Daisy, UK

“Sotiris thanks for showing us some of the magic of the Cyclades and introducing us to some great sounds, places and people! We leave with many happy and treasured memories and some ideas and thoughts for the future. xx” Alan, UK

“Wasn’t sure how a week on a boat alone with my family and a stranger would turn out, but after the first day I knew we were in for a great week. You were a positively excellent skipper, full of interesting stories, easy to talk to and above all friendly. Your vast knowledge of the Greek islands, and pretty much everything else, was astonishing! I had a great time everywhere I went and I’m so glad you were here to show us around. The boat was lovely and comfortable and if I had to do it again I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks again for the wonderful experience. xxx” Alfred, UK

Sailing & Diving Tale, 02/08/2014

“Annie & Sotiris, merci beaucoup pour cette semaine très dépassante aussi qu’ intéressante, j’ ai adore vivre sur un bateau pendant une semaine, malgré quelques peurs aux premiers jours, ce fut une des meilleures semaines de vacances que j’ ai eut. Vous etes des personnes formidables, avec qui nous avons passe de tres bons moments. Merci encore, prenez soin de vous.” Cecile, France

“Annie & Sotiris, merci beaucoup pour cette veilleuse semaine, nous avons pu voir la Greece comme jamais nous aurions peu la voir autrement. Efharisto” Benoit, France

“Merci infiniment pour cette splendide semaine, si authentique et votre accueil si convivial.” Catherine & Phillipe, France

Sailing & Diving Tale, 09/08/2014

“We did a night dive (my first) in a very small group and we came across an interesting sight. We watched transfixed as a rather large, diaphanously-white nudibranch went about its slow and curious business of being a nudibranch. We were all pleased to see such an ephemeral creature and Sotiris later described it to the non-divers as “like a bride”. My favorite part of the night dive came later. Unexpectedly, surfacing after a great dive with new friends in warm, tranquil waters into a night sky twinkling with bright stars is something to be remembered… I had a really lovely time.” Melandee, USA

“We had a great time last week. Thank you!” Patrick, USA

Sailing & Diving Tale, 16/08/2014

“Thank you so much for an amazing week of sailing & diving. We all had such a wonderful experience and saw Greece in a way most tourists don’t get to see it.” Kate, UK

“Annie you were very patient with us all and me in particular – thank you so much for that! We have learned so much and seen wonderful places in a way we could never have done on our own! Tally ho Sotiris! Much love.” Catrina & Josh, UK

“Thank you for a wonderful time. It was Jolly good! xx” Kim, UK

“One had a splendid time aboard your vessel, my good sir. It was just cricket!” Jamie, UK

“A truly memorable week. Many thanks.” Alastair, UK

Sailing & Diving Tale, 06/09/2014

“Great group, great places, great holiday. I will miss all these wonderful things we saw and we lived. But I promise I’ll try to keep all this hearty and beauty and these smiles in a sunny corner of my heart! Thank you Sotiris!!! Thank Annie!!!… and thank you Tahita…! Many sun kisses for each of you!” Anna, Italy

“Dear Annie & Sotiris, thank you very much for the warm welcome on your boat. We had a great time, it was exactly what we needed. We enjoyed the company, stories, smiles, dives, food, wine, to relax, the group… I hope we can convince our friends to come over as well for this wonderful experience. Good luck with all the ongoing projects and who knows, maybe we’ll be back!” Lijs, Belgium

“Annie & Sotiris, this is a great way to relax and experience Greece. Thanks for a wonderful time sailing, diving & enjoying new places.” Vijay, India

“Dear Annie & Sotiris, what a good experience to dive and sail in the Cyclades! Thank you very much of this week far away from all schedule.” Maelle, Spain

Wild Tale, 03/09/2014

“I cannot thank you enough for our fantastic holiday; both Bryan and I thoroughly enjoyed our time on board. We were so fortunate to find such a knowledgeable professional skipper, who I have to be honest we both felt tremendously safe with throughout the week, which at our age is vitally important! Andrea was superb, his knowledge and passion really brought the whole experience of the beautiful Cyclades to life. His patience with our questions and enthusiasm for the flora, fauna and local Greek way of life never wavering. I still remember watching him leave, Bryan and I stood on Tahita in Adamas and watched until we could no longer see the ferry and realised that we had just said goodbye to a very dear friend.

Very many people have asked how the trip went, we have enthused greatly about the sailing, walking and wildlife and how we would love someday to return or for some of our friends to enjoy the stunning scenery, so thank you all once again and we hope to see you sometime soon. Take care.” Di & Bryan, UK

Sailing & Diving Tale, 06/10/2014

“Annie & Sotiris, thank you so much for the amazing week sailing & diving! Amazing sights!” Joel & Kirsten, USA

“Thank you so much Annie & Sotiris for so much enjoyment on my trip, enjoyed all of it, diving, sailing, walking. Thanks.” Ann, UK