Sailing the Dodecanese

Dodecanese Sailing Adventure

Taking as our base the island of Kos, the beautiful island of Hippocrates, Tahita and her crew look forward to accompanying you on an unforgettable sailing journey…

Experience a unique sailing adventure around the islands of the Dodecanese. Sail towards remote bays, swim in turquoise waters and apocalyptic caves, get to meet the famous sponge divers… let us show you a different side of Greece!

Here is a sample of what you will experience while sailing with us around the Dodecanese islands…


DAY 1: Welcome to Naxos

Meeting at the main port of Naxos. Briefing and arrangement of provisions. Naxos is the biggest and richest island of the Cyclades and you can find a wide range of local biological products at its market. After watching the sunset from the Apollo temple, we will take a walk through the narrow alleys of the old town to our favourite tavern where you can sample the local delicacies.


DAY 2: Sail towards the Small Cyclades & Donousa

We sail towards the unspoilt and chilled island of Donousa. We stop for a swim at the turquoise waters of the deserted bay of Livadi and then continue to the bay of Kalotaritisa where we will spend the night. Our reward after a day’s sailing will be to taste the home-made food of a local family that have transformed the yard of their house into a tavern.


DAY 3: Set sail towards the island of the Apocalypse, Patmos

In the morning we’ll set sails towards Patmos. We’ll stop for a swim and lunch at one of the island’s solitary coves. Everyone knows of the Book of Apocalypse but not everyone is aware that it was written in Patmos when St. John was sent there in exile. History reveals its secrets while walking through the little narrow alleys inside the Middle Age castle.


DAY 4: Our next stop is the 'dreamy' Arki

Today’s next stop will be the stunning island of Arki. It’s very hard to find words to describe its amazing beaches and waters. What used to be a hang out for pirates, today it is only a small community of 40 permanent inhabitants. We recommend to watch the sunset from the highest tip of the island. At night we’ll stay on the anchor at one of its deserted bays and have a barbecue on the beach!


DAY 5: The small island of Marathi is a must while in the Dodecanese!

Sailors usually stop at Marathi to spend the night and eat at the outstanding tavern of the “Pirate” Michalis, which is only accessible by boat. If he is in the mood, you’ll experience lots of Greek music, singing and dancing. This is a really isolated place but the warmth of its eight inhabitants won’t let you feel lonely.


DAY 6: Spend the night at sponge divers' island, Kalymnos

We’ll enjoy a full day sailing towards the island of Kalymnos, famous for its sponge divers. Cousteau used to study the local divers in order to understand decompression sickness. We’ll spend the night at the fjord of Vathy known for its caves from pre-cycladic period. We’ll visit a cave accessible by sea and observe the numerous stalaktites in its chambers. At night we’ll visit one of the best fish taverns of the island!


DAY 7: Sail to our final destination, the famous Kos island

This is our last day and we’ll make the most of it. We’ll sail towards our final destination, the port of Kos. It’s time for us to relax… lets have a natural “jacuzzi” under the star-filled sky in the island’s hot-springs and then taste Mama’s cooking!


We’re as flexible as the weather!

The above itinerary is just an example of what you will experience while sailing with us around the Dodecanese islands. Send us details of the islands you wish to visit, where you wish to start and finish you trip and let’s work together to create the ideal sailing journey for you.

Our skipper is highly experienced and happy to adjust the sailing trip according to what you are looking for in your holiday, of course, if the weather and other external factors beyond his control permit it. And never forget that those “unexpected” surprises can often be the highlight of your trip!

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