Islands have always intrigued travellers with the promise of adventure. Whether you've dreamed about island-hopping around Greek archipelagos, invigorating walks along windswept headlands and clifftop trails, spending the night at deserted islands, the sound of waves breaking against the beach, cruising in search of marine wildlife such as dolphins and whales, tracking down remote seaside restaurants where the fish goes straight from boat to grill to plate…


...our island hopping sailing holidays will certainly fire up your imagination. As promised we are going to send you a few tips to help you plan your sailing holiday in Greece... 

What Vessel Is Best For Your Greek Sailing Trip?

There are two types of sailing boats available for charter in Greece. They include sailboats, that is monohalls and catamarans. There are motor boats and gullets of course but that’s a different category. If you wish to experience sailing, you have to choose between a monohall and a catamaran. 

When I took my first sailing trip with friends, I was unsure of the type of vessel to charter and found it difficult to decide.

Understanding what each type of vessel offers and matching those to the type of sailing experience you want is essential to having the best sailing trip around the Greek islands possible. Let’s check out the different types of boats you can charter to sail Greece.

Sail yachts:

Usualy the fit between 2 – 8 people
2,000 – 5,000 EUR per week

If you plan to spend most of your time on the water meandering along the Aegaen sea and you wish to see as many islands as possible then you need to charter a sailboat.

You can charter a yacht privately as a group or family or you can book a cabin and share with other like minded guests. 

Sailboats offer comfortable cabins to sleep, they’re equipped with a kitchen and are generally designed for you to lounge around and relax. The

Sailboats are more eco-friendly as they consume far less fuel than motorboats harnessing the power of the wind. A sailboat allows you to sunbathe and sip cocktails while slowly making your way to your next point, weather permitting of course.

Keep in mind that you should never be in a hurry and you should always be flexible and ready to adapt your plans according to the weather.

If you have a week, you have to choose between the Cyclades, ionian, Sporades or Dodecanese islands. If you have 2 weeks you can combine the West and Small Cyclades or the Cyclades and the Dodecanese islands or the Saronic and Cyclades islands.

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Managing to sail at all times (rather than using an engine) requires skill and experience. So you’ll need to hire a skipper when sailing Greece if you are not an experienced sailor and don’t hold a license. 

If you charter a sailboat and a skipper, you could also use the experience to gain a few skills while you help raise the sails and tie knots. Although you may just wish to sit back and relax while your skipper takes care of it all.

Sailboats often have between 2 and 5 cabins. Keep your eyes peeled for the big brands to charter, such as Beneteau, Jeanneau, Dufour Gib, Bavaria, Grand Soleil, Feeling, Elan, Hanse to name a few.

Check photos of our sailiing yacht Tahita, which is equipped with a compressor and diving gear…

Check photos of our VIP option, sailing yacht Osyan

The above are just examples, please contact us for offers and availability for the above, Sailing yacht Io Bavaria 46... sailing yacht Morning Cloud... to name a few! Lets us know when you wish to travel, the size of your group and we'll send you the options.

And there are options to suit everyone's wish… just contact us for further information and take advantage of our 10% discount!


2 – 10 people
5,000 EUR – 10,000 EUR per week

If you want plenty of space to stretch out then chartering a catamaran for your perfect sea holiday is a must. The cabins are a lot bigger and more comfortable than the typical sailing yacht. Chartering a catamaran means abundant open spaces and are highly recommended for larger groups and those with children.

Catamarans are much more stable than a sailboat; with a spacious deck and cockpit, everyone can enjoy their own space. Since a catamaran is not tilted more than 5 degrees, it is stable in the water, making it an excellent choice for those with little navigation experience. 

They tend to be more expensive than sailing yacahts but they can accommodate more people so if you have are a big group, the fee per person may be reasonable.

Check photos of sailing yacht Winny…

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