Sailing & Walking Itinerary

Combine a sailing & hiking adventure around the islands of the Ionian…

The Ionian islands are a cluster of dazzling islands scattered in the Ionian Sea, west of mainland Greece. Their natural beauty, cool climate, abundant olive groves, cypress trees and lush forested mountains and landscapes, world famous vast sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, welcoming locals, their rich cultural heritage… will fascinate you.

During the sailing & walking week you will have the opportunity to experience the unique nature and landscapes of the small, non-touristy Ionian islands by walking their ancient paths. We'll walk at the tips of mountains that offer breathtaking views to the Ionian sea, through traditional villages, byzantine and ancient settlements... and will reach virgin beaches where you can rest and have a refreshing swim.

Here is a sample of what you will experience while sailing & hiking with us for a week…

Day 1: Welcome at our base in Lefkas

Arrival and welcome at our sailing yacht in the evening. Our skipper and guide will give you a briefing on the week’s activities and the islands you’ll explore. Arrangement of provisions and supper at our favourite tavern by the sea. 

Day 2: Sail to remote Kalamos, a paradise of secluded beaches

Today you’ll set sails west towards the lush green island of Kalamos. Kalamos will captivate you with its emerald waters and wild beauty. It is overgrown with olive trees, lentisks, coumarins, laurels, skins and the unique sea or royal pine, which reach the sea. As you approach, the island will remind you of a volcano as it boasts a mountain of pyramidal shape, which reaches 745m. Kalamos has a history dating to ancient times and due to its strategic location, it played an important role during the times of the war of independence against the Ottoman Empire.

Day 3: Sail around Kastos & sleep on deserted island

Today you will sail around the elongated island of Kastos, the smallest inhabited island in the Ionian with only 50 permanent residents. While its west coast is steep, its east side has many small, solitary beaches, many of which are only accessible by boat! Just before reaching the small fishing port of Kastos, you’ll enjoy a short break snorkeling within a small cave, Fokotrypa, with a depth of about 30 meters and a little sandy beach inside. You’ll moor at the picturesque fishing port of Kastos for provisions, lunch and some time to unwind on the beautiful bay.

In the evening, enjoy a relaxed exploration walk of the island which is overgrown with centuries-old olive trees, visit the best preserved windmill in the Ionian Sea as well as the private Marine Museum “Home of the Fin whale” where you’ll learn all about the magical marine life that hides in the Mediterranean Sea.


Day 4: Explore Atokos’ wilderness & spend the night at Kioni, Ithaca

Early in the morning you will explore Atokos’ wild nature off the beaten track, using goat tracks to reach a “secret” view point that offers stunning views of the island and surrounding waters. On the way your guide will introduce you to the unique flora and fauna of the island. Enjoy a refreshing swim at the crystal clear waters before sailing southwest towards Ithaca and the picturesque port of Kioni. The fishing village of Kioni, well-known for its attractive huddle of white washed houses, is one of the Ithaca’s gems. Relax for the rest of the day.

In the evening, you’ll visit the Monastery of Katharon up on the high mountains of Ithaca, which offers superb sunset views and then Anogi village for dinner at our favorite local tavern. Optional short walk down a cobbled path back to Kioni... under the stars!


Day 5: Walk to Homeric Arethousa fountain and anchor on solitary cove

Sail southward to admire Ithaca's awe-inspiring coastal formations and lush evergreen landscapes. Stop for a swim at Filiatro beach and then to Pera Pigadi cove, whose waters are the clearest in the whole Ionian archipelago. Set off for an exploration walk up a scenic ancient path offering great sea views, leading to Homeric Arethousa fountain, Evmeos cave and the pretty chapel of Panagia Spiliotisa. You’ll discover that all this mountainous region is full of archaeological findings related to Homer and the Greek mythology.

Arethusa Krini or fountain is a spring of fresh water among cliffs, mentioned by Homer as one of the sources of fresh water in Ulysses’ kingdom, Ithaca. According to mythology, Arethousa was the nymph of springs and forests, companion to the goddess Artemis. After soaking in this mythical atmosphere you’ll return to the boat and set sails for a nearby cove, another secluded paradise to spend the night.


Day 6: Sail towards picturesque Fiscardo, Kephalonia

Today enjoy a full and rewarding sailing day northbound, along the stretch between Ithaca and Kephalonia offering all-encompassing views of both islands. Our destination is the cosmopolitan port of Fiscardo in Kephalonia. Venetian-style houses painted in pastel colors surround the charming harbour. Fiscardo’s architecture and ambience will remind you of a long-gone era, when the Venetians ruled the island.

In the evening, follow a circular walk starting from Fiscardo towards the northern part of the island. It connects quaint hamlets, passes through cypress and strawberry tree forests, agricultural fields, beautiful secluded beaches where you can enjoy a refreshing swim, as well as historical sites, such as the ancient tomb of Throni, the old village of Psilithrias, a Venetian footpath and Battaria, a 1940 German anti-aircraft base. Supper at a lovely tavern where you can taste the acclaimed cuisine of the island.


Day 7: Full day sailing towards Lefkada

This is your last day sailing and we’ll make the most of it as we set course towards Lefkada. On the way you’ll visit Papanikolis cave, the 2nd largest sea cave in Greece, named after a submarine that was hidden there during World War II. Time to snorkel and explore the cave which measures 120 meters in length and 60 meters in width. Inside, you’ll be treated to the dazzling sunlight bouncing off the crystal clear water, casting a mesmerizing blue shade all over the cave walls and stalactites. Stop at one of the beautiful, remote bays of Meganisi for a swim and lunch.

Arrival at our base. At night you’ll visit the picturesque village of Kolivata to enjoy a farewell dinner at the local tavern, where Maria, the owner, serves mouth-watering dishes with the products she grows in her garden. A perfect ending to a perfect holiday!

We’re as flexible as the weather!

The above itinerary is an example of what you will experience on our Sailing & Walking holiday around the islands of the Ionian. We don’t follow the same route every week and the itinerary may slightly change due to the weather and other factors beyond our control. Remember that we cannot go against the weather! We will do our best. Everything else is KISMET!

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