Tourism can be a great force for good, a significant driver of economic and social development, protecting our natural envrionment and bringing income and jobs into rural communities, ultimately, improving the quality of life for locals. But we need to do it right. If you are a traveller you need to consider the folloiwng:

How and where did you spent your money the last time you were on holiday abroad? (how much on transporataion such as airlines… accommodation… guided excursions and tours… what about food and drink?).

Now ask yourself what proportion of your total holiday expenditure contributed to the local economy?

According to UNWTO for each $100 spent by a tourist from a developed country, only around $5 stays in a developing destination's economy. It's called "tourism leakage".

Imagine a holiday where you fly with an international airline,, stay at an international hotel chain booked through a mulit-national hotel agent. The hotel has foreign management and staff… the guides are international… the restaurants you ate are global chains and so on.

Tourism leakage is harmful to destinations, especially the ones that rely on tourism as the primary source of income. The effect is bigger on developing countries.

What can you do as a traveller in order to reduce economic leakage in tourism are:

  • Be adventurous, experience the destination you choose to visit,

  • Support locally companies, hotels, tour operators and guides,

  • Immerse yourself in local language, customs and culture and embrace the fact that the world is colourful, diverse and exciting,

  • Be a conscious traveler and select holidays and accommodation that make sustainable choices and protect the environment
    When the money earned through tourism leaves the host destination, little or nothing can be done in order to mitigate the bad impacts of tourism and promote social, cultural and environmental well-being for the local community.

Hence, tourism stops being an attractive investment and turns into an issue for the destination.

I hope you have find the above interesting. Please don't hesitate to share with us your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you regarding the above or any other matter.

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